Desert Hot Springs Daily - Hot is our middle Name

How it Works

Desert Hot Springs Daily makes it easy for users to browse through events, track down one you are looking for - or discover new ones.

Also, if you are looking for an opportunity to get *your* event discovered, Desert Hot Springs Daily also makes it very simple to submit an event to appear on the calendar - without event creating an account!

How to Find an Event
Right on the front page

When launches, you can just scroll down to see a images from featured events and a list of the most recent upcoming events.

Calendar Page
Desktop View
Mobile View

The calendar page makes it very easy to scroll through all general events via a calendar that has mobile functionality.

On desktop, you can see a list of the first few events, then click to either expand the information on the hovered event or go to a page with all the events of that day.

Mobile view provides dots has dots on each day with events, when clicked, shows a list of the events happening that day underneath the calendar.

Easily Switch Between List & Day Views
Desktop View
Mobile View

On the calendar page(s), you can switch to "List" and "Day" views.

List View will show a list of all the events of that given month with basic information.

Day View will show an elaborated list of event happening on a particular day, in which you can scroll through each day.

Category Pages
Desktop View
Mobile View

Multiple tabs will link to calendar pages that break events into categories and sub-categories. These pages function just like the main calendar page, with different views and an easy way to search by keywords, organizations and venues, and scroll through dates.

Some of the events will not appear on the main calendar and only will be featured on these pages or when a user searches for them.

Desktop View
Mobile View

Looking for an event that may apply to a category you don't see listed? How about an event from a certain organization? Know the title of an event want to make sure it's on the calendar to learn more information?

The front of the website, each calendar and category page in Calendar, List or Day view allows you to search by keywords, organizations and venues... just type in what you're looking for and be redirected to a page with a calendar of the results of your search!

Event Details

Each event has it's own page that features a link to the Organization's website, a list of categories, an email and/or phone contact, and if it applies - the event's cost and a link to buy tickets

The venue's address includes appears if the event is opened to the public - along with a Google Map embedded.

And! Each event can added to your Google or Apple calendar by a click or tap of your screen!

How to Add an Event

Submitting an event to included on the calendar is super easy & fast! You just need to make sure you have all the information ready.

The "Add Your Event" tab is easy to find - right on the top navigation and on the bottom of every page.

You are taken to a page that has a series of questions, some required (*) and some optional:
*Event Title
*Event Description
Event Categories (if applicable)
Event Image
*Event Time & Date
*Venue and venue information (Website will launch with many venues in the system already to choose from! You can add a new one if it is not already listed.)
*Organization and organization information (Website will launch with many organizations in the system already to choose from! You can add a new one if it is not already listed.) Event Website (if applicable)
Event Cost (if applicable)

Then you hit submit!

What if you submitted something incorrect? No problem! We will often email or call to confirm details, and once we approve the event, you can always contact us if you want to make some changes!

Events will be approved 24 to 48 hours from being submitted.

Curious about the guidelines? Check out our Guidelines & Terms of Service.